As a homebuyer, going to open houses or viewing Real Estate with an agent are important steps when purchasing a home. However, there may be certain things that are concealed, and that you should be aware of with home sellers.

Author Ann Brenoff from the Huffington Post, "7 Signs A Home Seller May Be Hiding Something", addresses these issues:

1.) Music Playing

 Music is harmless and can provide a relaxed setting. What you should be aware of is the possibility of noise that is muted from the surrounding estate. 

2.) Placement of Furniture

Furniture is an optimum accessory to enhance the beauty of a home. The design and style that is put into the staging process. is key to enthrall potential buyers. As a buyer,  your focus should be entirely on the size of the room. Furniture captures the perspective and locks in the idea that there is adequate space. 

3.) Room fresheners

Smell. Another key sense that can entice your mood on a certain home. The possibility of smelling something you aren't smelling is important when purchasing a home. There may be something in the home you may have missed. 

4.) Lighting

Home sellers and Real Estate Agents would often turn on the lights of the house. As a homebuyer, you may want a home that is enveloped in natural sun light. Be aware of homes that do not share in proper lighting within the house!

5.) Fresh paint

Painting a home is only natural. Enhancing the aesthetic and beauty of the home is important, and highly appealing. However, there may be hidden issues that homebuyers do not see on the surface. Water or wall damages may appear when heavily observed over the paint. Don't be fooled!

6.) Hedges/Fencing

You may find a home that has hedges or Fences that are aesthetically pleasing. That privacy over your domain is all but natural. But consider the possibility of an Agent or Homeseller blocking the view of something displeasing next door. Scrapyards, neighboring dumps, etc. Allow yourself to see over the horizon.

7.)  Agents 

Agents are capable of using a silver tongue language to reel in potential buyers. Specific key words, for example, "Fairly new" kitchen, "compfy" living room, or "relaxing" space are things Agents may say to garner home buyers. Do not be fooled by descriptions that are inaccurate. Always refer to the multiple listing service, or MLS, to find and acquire accurate representation and descriptions of the property.


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