Hello Everyone,

If you are a first time home buyer, there are plenty of mistakes that you may be unaware of:

1.) Not Getting Pre-Approved For A Mortgage: By not getting pre-qualified for a home, you wouldn't get an idea of what the bank is willing to loan you. You need to know this as you will soon find once the monthly statements come mailing to you for payment.

- We can assist you with getting Pre-Approved. We have a trusted Mortgage Company who will get you Pre-approved in no time. 


2.) Not Taking the Process of Hiring An Agent Seriously: As Agents, they do more than help you pick a house. Agents ensure YOUR interests are PROTECTED. They will guide your through the process. Find someone who works best with you.

- The Ward Team at EXIT Real Estate Group treat our clients with dignity and respect. We extend our help and services, and ensure that you are protected and represented properly in any transaction. 


3.) Going Directly to the Listing Agent: Speaking to the Listing Agent is not a real big deal. However, you should know that they are working on behalf of the seller, not you. They look for the best interests of their client. They could work with you and become a dual agent, but you wouldn't want that. There are too many conflict of interests that may result in more problems.

- We can represent you, properly, so you do not have to worry about your interests not becoming put in consideration. 


4.) Forgetting to Factor Additional Expenses of Owning a Home: Do understand that there are monthly utilities, HOA, homeowners insurance, and general maintenance expenses that need to be considered when purchasing a home. This may include expenses involving inspections and appraisals. 

- Our team has years of experience in calculating and advising for these types of expenses. We can also get you consulting with the right people.


5.) Putting Too Much Weight On Online Home Value Estimates: Zillow & Trulia are the biggest examples of sites that provide Online Home Value Estimates. These home values can be way off and have to be taken lightly. 


- Our Agents are highly trained to understand the market and home values in the areas. We offer a plethera of information that supports our home value estimates and that ensure, almost, accurate estimates. 


6.) Skipping Home Inspections: Inspections are highly important are ways to protect yourself. You must know what is broken so you can negotiate a better deal, or be prepared to fix those issues. 


- Our Agents do thorough visual inspections, and our office works with a Professional Home Inspection Company (EliteGroup) who have highly trained inspectors that provide great details in their reports. 


7.)  Making Financial Changes Before Closing: Do not create new debts! Quitting your job is also a red mark! The lender needs two months of your bank transactions. Manage your finances wisely.


- Our office knows financial advisers that can help you manage and budget wisely. We also want to ensure you purchase your first home without losing it in the next couple of months.


Consult with your Agent. It is imperative you work with a Professional who can guide you through the process without the headaches. Let EXIT Real Estate Group be your solution. We protect your interests, while getting you to that dream home you have been always searching for.